Maintenance Scheme

The Edinburgh Eastern Cemetery Company Limited is a privately owned family run firm.

In past years the high running cost incurred in maintaining the Company to a reasonable standard has been offset by the charges made for burials and through the sale of new lairs. However there has been a marked decline in burial over the years and today more than 75% of the population are cremated.

In order for us to continue to provide a reasonable standard of maintenance we require lair holders and relatives to contribute towards the general maintenance which includes the grass cutting, collection and disposal of rubbish, leaves, dead wreaths/bouquets, weed control, supplying water and containers, maintenance of paths and boundary walls etc.

Only a small percentage of families actually pay, as some are unaware of the fees, some have moved away and others relinquish their rights by refusing to pay. However the Company maintains all graves to the same standard, as it is impractical to tend a few graves and leave those which remain unpaid.

In view of the fact that the maintenance of the family grave has been subsidized for a number of years the Cemetery Company feels it is reasonable to ask families to contribute to the arrears (which would be dependent on how long the maintenance had been unpaid) plus the current year's fee. We remind you that it is your responsibility to ensure future fees are paid promptly and to inform the office of any changes of address etc.


The general maintenance of £25.00 falls due again on the 1st of February irrespective of when it was last paid and an account will be forwarded on at this time. There is an additional fee of £30.00 for any grave which has the head of a grave in which families may plant roses, flowers/plants in accordance with the regulations. NO "REMINDER" ACCOUNTS WILL BE SENT.

The Cemetery Company reserve the right to refuse access to any funeral director or sculptor if the maintenance remains unpaid therefore any outstanding fees should be brought up to date before the re-issuing of the deeds, burials or interments of ashes caskets, placements of new memorials/markers, or works being carried out on existing headstones.

We also take this opportunity to mention memorial insurance and strongly recommend that any memorial or marker is insured against accidental damage. This is relatively inexpensive and easily arranged through the Cemetery Office or a reputable memorial mason.

The Cemetery Office is based at the gates of Piershill Cemetery and we are here to help with any enquiries, complaints or advice regarding the maintenance of the Cemetery or the supply of memorials.